Allow the body to return to its own innate intelligence so that it can restore and heal itself.

Meet Bianca

The approach I take is one of patience. Our own body-intelligence is always striving towards health and well-being. We just need to create the right conditions so the body can heal itself.

Supporting people on their journey to health is something I have been doing since I became a licensed Esthetician in 1990. Twenty years later, I began training as a bodyworker in Santa Barbara in 2010. Since then I have trained extensively at Esalen Institute and at specialized workshops internationally. I have a unique understanding of the body and would be honored to support you as you reach your wellness goals.

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Esalen Approach

Esalen Massage®, developed at the Esalen Institute at Big Sur, is an innovate and fluid style massage utilizing techniques that work “with” the body allowing the practitioner to truly listen to the individual needs of each body.

In my massage practice, I integrate Esalen, Deep Tissue, Reflexology and Ayurvedic massage. Each session blends these techniques to suit the needs of your body creating a rare, one of a kind massage for deep integration.

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