Esalen Massage®

Developed at the Esalen Institute at Big Sur, Esalen Massage is an integrative modality that consists of slow long strokes, rhythmic compressions, rocking & gentle stretches. Moving the body on the table and detailed work are coalesced in what can be called a truly unique sensory experience that encourages personal healing. This is a therapeutic customized massage using medium to deep pressure to revitalize including an aromatherapy hot pack to melt away stress.

75 minutes


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Hands doing massage therapy.

Touching Essence™

Touching  Essence™ is a multi-sensory, multicultural approach to healing thru touch. It combines the physical with the metaphysics, engaging the energies of chakras and meridians. This work has been developed over the last 30 years at Esalen Institute and in Bali.

Touching Essence™ engages both giver and receiver to deepen awareness and presence.

The focus is to access these powerful energy centers through a combination of touch, scent, and sound. Working with sound/vibrations, essential oils and massage techniques, we impact both subtle and deep layers of the body helping the individual to achieve a sense of integrated well-being.

50 minutes


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Kobido Face Massage

Also known as Facial Rejuvenation, or natural face lift, Japanese facelifting massage incorporates a unique blend of effective techniques drawn from Japanese facelifting exercise, Chinese medicine, South American zone therapy, reflexology and other modalities.

40 minutes


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Deep relaxation
Woman giving a massage

Intra-Oral Massage

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder is a common condition that affects the jaw and can cause pain and discomfort. The causes of TMJ disorder can be diverse, ranging from jaw misalignment to stress, bruxism and more. The symptoms can also vary in severity and may include jaw pain, headaches, difficulty opening the mouth and more.

30 minutes


60 minutes


TMJ Session Package


One 75min session + five 30min sessions

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Neck and Shoulder Revive

Targeting deep neck and shoulder tension.  Revive Sessions are designed to bring relief to the chronically tight upper body.  Arnica oil is used for its special properties and adds to the overall effects of this focused session.

45 minutes


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Man receiving a neck massage
Cupping Service


Cupping is an ancient method of healing that has proven to be especially effective for treating acute and chronic back pain, sciatica, shoulder pain, sprains and swellings, digestive disorders, colds and flu, bronchitis, allergies, asthma, immune disorders, neurological disorders and many more. Special silicone or glass cups, when placed on the skin create a strong pulling force due to their vacuum effect. The suction is said to draw out toxins and help relieve pain, by increasing blood flow and oxygen in the tissues. This can gently break up adhesions and reduce scar tissue.

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Aquatic Bodywork

Aquatic bodywork is a nurturing form of moving meditation practice. Supported almost invisibly, you are glided through the water to experience the pleasing sensation of water caressing your skin. While floating effortlessly, you receive gentle movements and stretches to create ease in body, stillness in mind and peace within.

60 minutes


Aquatic Bodywork sessions can be done in your pool or in a prearranged location.

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"Bianca has a magical touch, using the nurturing long Esalen strokes plus just the right amount of pressure.  Gently, lovingly, she “listens” for what is called for and tenderly attends to all areas while being sure to cover the entirety so that nothing is missed. Bianca seems always to intuitively know just what the body needs. I have had many massages in my lifetime, and Bianca is by far the best.  I feel very fortunate to have found her!"

Elizabeth Wolfson, Ph.D.